Bye-bye Canadian Friend!

Sister Placido is going home! It has been really fun serving with her. I have learned a lot 🙂 I am going to be staying in Calabanga for at least 6 more weeks! I love this area so that part of transfer news was easy to get! It is just waiting to hear who your new companion is that can be hard! Tomorrow will tell.
This week has been really fun. We had a really fun Family Home Evening at Medy’s home with her and her kids and some neighbours. And we had several dinner appointments, and even a marshmellow roast on Sister Nhecy’s roof top! I have eaten way too much this week. Filipinos know how to feast! 
On Sunday a padjak drive whom Sister Placido and I have met a couple times before, came to church! He had previously told us that he was interested in observing our services but always felt that he didn’t have nice enough clothes. We assured him that everyone was welcome and that we really wanted to see him at church the next Sunday. He came! I was so surprised! And it turns out he is the cousin of one of the members in the ward 🙂 We sat with him at Church and I was amazed at how many ward members came up to him to introduce themselves and shake his hand. He really felt welcomed! And it made me feel good knowing that I can always promise people I meet that they will be welcomed at Church if they come. We are teaching him this coming week! 🙂
Have a good week everyone! 
Sa susunod na lang



National Day of Service

Hello Friends! I have had another couple of busy weeks. Sister Placido and I went to Manila last week. Since she is going home she needed to go to the Bureau of Immigration. It was kind of fun to go on a plane and stay in a hotel, but there is nowhere better than our home in Calabanga 🙂 

The National Day of Service for the Philippines was the 26th. The Naga stake got together to clean the Bicol River in Naga. There were many people who showed up to show their support. The day as hot but we got a lot done 🙂

Things continue to go well with our work here in the Calabanga Ward. We have two super stellar investigators that are approaching baptism! I Love being able to teach them and to see how the message of the Gospel is changing their lives for the better. I get to witness miracles everyday. 

So this is Sister Placido’s last week as a missionary! It is interesting to serve with someone going home so soon! It makes me realize all the more at how fast the mission goes by. This week we have dinner appointments every night 🙂 The ward here loves to feed the missionaries, especially if they are getting transferred, and even more especially if they are GOING HOME! 

Take care everyone! Have a good week!


Six months DOWN!

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark! Have I ever mentioned how fast time goes by…? I have made some amazing memories and met some incredible people. I am excited to see what this next year has to offer 🙂 Missions really are the greatest!

This week has been awesome! One of our investigators, Mirasol, came with us to the historic General Women’s Meeting! Mirasol is the greatest blessing in Calabanga. I love teaching her. She is quiet and shy but she gets excited about the things she is learning. At the General Women’s Meeting the song “I Am A Child of God” was sung in different languages (Tagalog being one of them). The next day at church Mirasol was asking where she could find that song in the Hymn book. She loved the lyrics. She has a baptismal date for MAY! I am really excited for her!
Earlier in the week we taught an old man sitting on a hammock. At first he didn’t want to talk to us but we (Sister Placido) kept talking anyways and soon enough we were sitting on chairs and teaching him! He then invited us into his home for lunch with him and his wife. The are the cutest and sweetest couple ever. They are both 76. Their home was like any typical “grandparent-ish” home. It had toys for the grandkids, it had pictures everywhere of their family, and there was food. He wants us to come back and teach him and his wife 🙂
So things continue to go well over here in the Philippines 🙂 Keep being safe wherever you are and enjoy another week! 

Canadian Eh?

Blog: Canadian eh?

Transfers brought Sister Placido and I together. I absolutely love her! She is originally from the Philippines but moved to CANADA when she was 16! We are the only two here in the mission that are from Canada 🙂 Apparently when she learned that another Canadian would be serving in the Naga Mission she prayed that we could be companions! She got her wish! This is her last transfer in the mission field which means these next 5 weeks are going to be the best because she is DETERMINED to make this transfer the most memorable of her mission! We have been working hard this past week and have several new investigators. I love her enthusiasm and boldness. I have a lot to learn from her and I am excited to serve with her!
Have a good week everyone 🙂 


Another Transfer has come and gone! My current companion, Sister Ganzagan, is getting transferred so tomorrow we will be travelling to Naga to meet our new companions! I will be leading the area here in Calabanga. This past week has been great. The ward has fed us so much food and have helped us so much with our teaching. One family even picked up an investigator for church 🙂 Ward support is the greatest and makes our lives as missionaries so much easier 🙂

We found more investigators too 🙂 I love all the different ways we can meet people to teach. Everywhere we go there is someone to talk to and usually people who are willing to hear us 🙂 God knows who’s paths we are meant to cross and that is what gives me the courage to talk to people. (although I will admit that I need to work on that still. Im sure I always will).

The weather really is starting to get hotter around here. Summer has come. Pray for me 🙂

Have a good week everyone!

Love Sister Campbell

Ward Conference

Kumusta po kayo lahat? It has been a while since I wrote. Things in Calabanga are going AWESOME! I love the work and I love the people. The ward here is small but we receive enough support to keep us missionaries going 🙂 

I am learning new words everyday. Tagalog is coming slowly but surely. 

We recently had our ward conference and had the stake presidency here to address us. They had some wise counsel about the importance of being unified as a ward. And it is applicable in all aspects of life. Especially in a companionship! The math is 1 + 1 = 3. When the companionship is unified you will have the spirit with you! And that is something that I have seen so much on my mission. Without the spirit, nobody cares about what we have to say. But with the spirit, people are able to recognize the truth and see the importance of our message. So I really appreciated the remarks made a ward conference. 

I am hoping everyone is doing well! Enjoy another week! 

Love Sister Campbell

Olympic Fever

Hello! It is nice to hear that Canada won in HOCKEY! and curling no doubt? I wish I could have enjoyed the game haha 🙂 I hope that oneday you and mom will retire and live on the lake! that would be the best thing ever. just think of all your grandkids coming out and enjoying time out there on the lake. Retirement… that sounds appealing. just sitting on the shore of the lake in a hammock and eating. and reading. I can visualize it all too well. Hopefully it will happen 😀

Thanks for the pictures dad! seems like you are enjoying work and snowshoeing. OH I don’t remember if I told you or not but I received your letter that you wrote on boxing day. It came a couple weeks ago. it was awesome to get and to read. keep those letters coming 🙂 

I am enjoying my new area and new companion! I have adjusted to the new environment. I am starting to come out of my shell a bit more. I gain confidence in lessons almost every lesson (haha there are times when i go backwards.. but all in all it is constant progress) Last night actually I was surprised at the way I could explain about the Sabbath Day. And luckily we had two lessons where we talked about it so the second time was even better than the first 🙂 The Bishop here is Bishop Palayar. He loves to joke! haha every saturday night we have the Missionary Correlation Meeting and afterwards he had a “get to know me” interview. He likes the scriptures and likes to ask questions! He asked what my favourite food here was so far and I told him Siopao. He then informed me that the meat is actually cat meat. sometimes it is even rat. Our district leader Elder Nebeker had told me that but I didn’t really believe him… and now I do. haha I don’t know if I will be eating siopoa again. We will see. it really is sooooo good. but cat/rat meat? thats disgusting! 

I also got my scripture case that you bought for me for christmas 🙂 it is leather and has the mission logo on one side with my name and dates of service and a map of the philippines on the other side. Thanks for treating me! I am sending mail your way this week! so get ready. letters only. I have a letter for the meldrums. Could you get their address and then email it to me? I didn’t realize they were leaving SO SOON! wow 18 months really isn’t that long is it? I am sure they are excited to go home 🙂 and the book is a very nice idea. hopefully you only put in good pictures of me 🙂 

Well I love you guys 🙂 keep sending me emails 🙂 It is the only thing I like about email time haha. 

Sending all my love from the PHILIPPINES,
Sister Campbell

All is New Again…‏

Hello Family 🙂 

I don’t have very much time to write this week. My new district and I all went to a waterfall this morning and had a picnic. travelling in the Philippines always takes a very long time.. haha anyways this email will be a quick one. 

Thanks for the poem dad 🙂 and for emailing Bishop De Guzman. He will love to hear from you. 

OKKK so my new area is CALABANGA! it is near Naga. I can see the volcano Isarog from my area. thats actually where the waterfalls were. It is so beautiful here! Daet is a city and this is definitely not a city. I like the differences. My new companion is Sister Ganzagan. She is 20 and from the Philippines. It is just us in our apartment which is one room. It is bright and clean and I actually really like it. just very small 🙂 Things are going well. There seems to be a lot of Less active work in this area. It was stake conference this week so I havent even met my new bishop or ward yet. Stake conference was really awesome though. There were so many people there that we couldn’t all fit in the chapel and gym. ALL the class rooms had a tv screen and they video recorded it for everyone! haha can you believe it?? it was so cool. although I didnt hear the messages very clearly because of all the noise from so many people. but what I did hear was awesome! And president Reeder says that 18 months ago the Naga mission had 78 missionaries and as of right now there are 62 missionaries in the Naga stake!! and don’t forget that the mission was just split. Naga and Legaspi was once called the Naga mission but now theres two! Meaning that there was a crazy amount of missionaries here! I had no idea! 

I am loving my mission. Always will. I have so much to learn it seems! which in some ways is very exciting. In other ways it is a little intimidating. But I had no idea how much I had grown as a missionary until I was transferred! When one of the elements changes in your life you get to see how you are without it. For me EVERYTHING was new. And I really see how much I know. In regards to the language and in the other aspects of missionary life as well. 

How is Canada doing in the Olympics? Hockey! please let me know the standing on that front when it happens 🙂 Is Luongo our goalie? 

I will send pictures next week. YOU STILL NEED TO SEND ME PICTURES 🙂 

Ok I love you! Talk to you next week 🙂

Sister Campbell

Fried Chicken and Baptisms!

Sorry for not writing last week! Now I have twice as much to catch you up on. The most exciting news is that our investigators MM and Vince were baptized last Saturday! There were SEVEN baptisms in total 🙂 Elder Savage and Elder Packard have been teaching a family and three of the daughters were baptized! And another one of their investigators and a child of record. So there were 7! It was so exciting to be a part of this miraculous day! On Sunday all seven were confirmed as well. I have never been to a sacrament meeting where the “business” portion lasted as long! 🙂 

So I am all healed up and no longer sick! Which is good because the work here in our area is picking up! We are teaching lots! and we have found some new investigators 🙂 Daet is the promised land. It is so exciting to be here! That being said, transfers happened and I am leaving Daet tomorrow morning… I was a little disappointed to receive the news. Especially since things are going so well for Sister Sands and I. But I am also very excited to see where I will go and who I will be serving with. Sister Sands is training again! She is really excited for that. 
Sister Ebona taught us how to fry chicken this week. She told us “Fried chicken is easy to make. You take a chicken and you fry it!” Sounds simple. 
I love the Daet 2nd ward. I will remember their love and smiles forever. 
I am hoping everything is going well for you wherever you are and with whatever you are doing! I love all of you! 
Until next week,