Too Long!

BLOG! It has been too long! 

Many things have happened since I updated last. I am currently serving in my fourth area and with my 7th companion. Right now I am serving in Milaor Ward with Sister Tematang from Kiribati. Things here are amazing and we have seen a lot of success!
Last transfer there was quite a big storm here in the Bicol region which affected our area and the homes and the people we serve. So the last couple weeks we have been doing service projects such as cleaning yards and collecting garbage and things like that. Many homes have been destroyed and so we have helped as much as we can with getting materials and building as well. The resiliency of the Filipino people though is amazing. I have learned a valuable lesson that LIFE GOES ON. There is no time to complain and no need to do so. Stand up and get to work seems to be how people live here. It is amazing and wonderful to see! 
Sister Tematang and I have some progressing investigators with close baptismal dates which we are very excited about! It is such a miracle to see the changes people make in their lives in order to accept God’s plan for them! The gospel truly blesses everyone. And the opportunity that I have to share it others is a blessing I will never be able to fully comprehend. The more I try to be worthy of the blessing I have already received, God blesses me with more! I can’t catch up.
I hope things continue to go well for everyone back home or wherever you are! pay attention to the way God is blessing your life! 

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