Magaling ako ng pagwawalis

We had two community service projects this week. And both of them involved me sweeping. Needless to say my skills with a broom have increased dramatically. On Tuesday we went to a Jocelyn’s home and family compound to sweep up all the leaves in the yard. The compound is on the top of a hill. The wind is always cool and refreshing, and the shade of all the fruit trees in the yard makes it such a beautiful place to be. We met more of Jocelyn’s family and they fed as lunch afterwards and gave us a huge bag full of mangoes. Serving others is always worth it. 
One of the less active families we visit has been renovating their home. On Saturday the Elders joined us in helping with some of the work. Sister Saifoloi and I were charged with the responsibility of sweeping. Their little nephew, John Carlo supervised our work. The new home is going to be so nice. They were installing tiles in the upstairs, and also installing windows. The balcony overlooks some rice fields and of course the wind from the fields is always very inviting. We were also fed lunch there and invited back for a Birthday party next Tuesday

Our work is going really well 🙂 We found a new investigator, Emily. She is 52 and has 7 children and 12 grandchildren! They all got married very young in her family. She is such a sweetheart! She showed us family photo albums on our first visit (normally it takes longer for people to show us pictures). She is very proud of her children and they way she cared for her books and those pictures I can tell how much she loves her family. She is open and receptive and I can’t wait to see what will happen as she embraces the Gospel 🙂

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday. Two Young Women aged girls. They were so cute and excited to be baptized. Baptisms are always fun to go to and experience. Every time I attend one I think of my own baptism! What I remember the most is that we sang my favourite primary song Nephi’s Courage. Nephi is still my favourite Book of Mormon prophet. 

Keep all the letters and love coming my way 🙂
Love you all!


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