June 1st, 2014

Another full week! We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, we had the Mission Tour with the Area President, and we had a massive spider in our apartment which we had to dispose of. 

Exchanges are awesome and always give me an opportunity to really see the progress that I have made. I worked with Sister Tumagoy in her area, Canaman. It is kind of fun working in the other area because all the faces are new and nobody knows or has expectations of MY new face. It is kind of like a clean slate where you can be super magaling and confident. I was trying to work it all to my advantage 🙂 Sister Tumagoy gave me some good advice too and helped me realize yet again that all I have to do is my best! Which I am also realizing that my best now has improved drastically from my best 8 months ago. But if I ever stop doing my best then I won’t continue to improve in any aspect of missionary work.

The Mission Tour was a day full of inspiration. It started early with a jeepney ride to Canaman and then we enjoyed 6 hours of guidance and counsel from our Area President, President Nielson. Him and his wife have such a love for their calling! They told us that they only have 30 days left in the Philippines before they complete their 3 year assignment here! and previous to that they were in New Zealand for 2 years. Masipag sila! They both spoke to us and I have learned so many things! There is something special about being in a chapel packed full of missionaries all wanting to learn. Sister Nielson gave a talk where she repeated the words “Not everybody needs to be a Nielson!” She spoke of how all her in-law children are all different from the “Nielson Family” and because of that the family has benefited tremendously. She likened it to missionaries and our companions. There is a difference between tolerating someone and embracing who they are. Learning to deal with many personalities and interacting on such close term ALL the time can be a difficult thing. But don’t try to change who they are. And the message I really took from that is that it is ok to be myself! I have just as much to add to the companionship as the Sister I serve with. President Nielson had so many things to share! We talked a lot about the Atonement and how we as missionaries can use it in our lives. There are two parts of the Atonement – the Redeeming Power and the Enabling Power. It is the Enabling Power that makes it possible to become better than we were yesterday. The Atonement is for us to become who God wants us to be. 

It would be impossible to explain everything I learned during the Tour! I am kind of sad that the Nielsons are going back to the States so soon!

Have another good week everyone 🙂



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