Bye Bye Calabanga :( June 15th, 2014

Well we did some more yard sweeping this week! I guess word really travels fast that we are good at it 🙂 

This week has been pretty busy. We had Stake Conference this weekend in which Elder Quentin L. Cook presided over from Salt Lake City via satellite. It was an inspiring meeting as you would expect. Elder Michael Teh also spoke and he is from the Philippines and he shared some stories of people he knows from here and different sacrifices they made just to attend their meetings on Sunday. The importance of Temples was highlighted as well. Families are blessed as they attend the temple and keep the promises they make there. What a beautiful thing that families can be together forever. 

Transfer announcements came this Saturday, and I will be leaving my second area… Transfers are never easy yet they are exciting at the same time. I will learn where I will be going and who will be my new companion on Tuesday

Sister Saifoloi and I have had many adventures together and I definitely will miss her. Last night our water pipe broke in the washroom.. and our apartment was flooding. We had to get our landlord to turn off the water in our apartment but as fate would have it he was not answering his phone, he was not answering his door, and so we had to doeal with water gushing out into our apartment for one and a half hours before anyone came to our aid. Sister Saifoloi and I came up with a system. We used a skirt to put over the hole in the wall and we held it with one hand while with the other hand we had a bucket to scoop the water that fell and then we dumped it into the toilet. We took turns doing this while the other person tried to contact the Landlord. it was a long night! 

hopefully I have more adventures like that! it keeps things interesting 🙂

Wishing you all a good week.  Take care!



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