Bye-bye Canadian Friend!

Sister Placido is going home! It has been really fun serving with her. I have learned a lot 🙂 I am going to be staying in Calabanga for at least 6 more weeks! I love this area so that part of transfer news was easy to get! It is just waiting to hear who your new companion is that can be hard! Tomorrow will tell.
This week has been really fun. We had a really fun Family Home Evening at Medy’s home with her and her kids and some neighbours. And we had several dinner appointments, and even a marshmellow roast on Sister Nhecy’s roof top! I have eaten way too much this week. Filipinos know how to feast! 
On Sunday a padjak drive whom Sister Placido and I have met a couple times before, came to church! He had previously told us that he was interested in observing our services but always felt that he didn’t have nice enough clothes. We assured him that everyone was welcome and that we really wanted to see him at church the next Sunday. He came! I was so surprised! And it turns out he is the cousin of one of the members in the ward 🙂 We sat with him at Church and I was amazed at how many ward members came up to him to introduce themselves and shake his hand. He really felt welcomed! And it made me feel good knowing that I can always promise people I meet that they will be welcomed at Church if they come. We are teaching him this coming week! 🙂
Have a good week everyone! 
Sa susunod na lang