Six months DOWN!

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark! Have I ever mentioned how fast time goes by…? I have made some amazing memories and met some incredible people. I am excited to see what this next year has to offer 🙂 Missions really are the greatest!

This week has been awesome! One of our investigators, Mirasol, came with us to the historic General Women’s Meeting! Mirasol is the greatest blessing in Calabanga. I love teaching her. She is quiet and shy but she gets excited about the things she is learning. At the General Women’s Meeting the song “I Am A Child of God” was sung in different languages (Tagalog being one of them). The next day at church Mirasol was asking where she could find that song in the Hymn book. She loved the lyrics. She has a baptismal date for MAY! I am really excited for her!
Earlier in the week we taught an old man sitting on a hammock. At first he didn’t want to talk to us but we (Sister Placido) kept talking anyways and soon enough we were sitting on chairs and teaching him! He then invited us into his home for lunch with him and his wife. The are the cutest and sweetest couple ever. They are both 76. Their home was like any typical “grandparent-ish” home. It had toys for the grandkids, it had pictures everywhere of their family, and there was food. He wants us to come back and teach him and his wife 🙂
So things continue to go well over here in the Philippines 🙂 Keep being safe wherever you are and enjoy another week! 

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