Ward Conference

Kumusta po kayo lahat? It has been a while since I wrote. Things in Calabanga are going AWESOME! I love the work and I love the people. The ward here is small but we receive enough support to keep us missionaries going 🙂 

I am learning new words everyday. Tagalog is coming slowly but surely. 

We recently had our ward conference and had the stake presidency here to address us. They had some wise counsel about the importance of being unified as a ward. And it is applicable in all aspects of life. Especially in a companionship! The math is 1 + 1 = 3. When the companionship is unified you will have the spirit with you! And that is something that I have seen so much on my mission. Without the spirit, nobody cares about what we have to say. But with the spirit, people are able to recognize the truth and see the importance of our message. So I really appreciated the remarks made a ward conference. 

I am hoping everyone is doing well! Enjoy another week! 

Love Sister Campbell


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