Olympic Fever

Hello! It is nice to hear that Canada won in HOCKEY! and curling no doubt? I wish I could have enjoyed the game haha 🙂 I hope that oneday you and mom will retire and live on the lake! that would be the best thing ever. just think of all your grandkids coming out and enjoying time out there on the lake. Retirement… that sounds appealing. just sitting on the shore of the lake in a hammock and eating. and reading. I can visualize it all too well. Hopefully it will happen 😀

Thanks for the pictures dad! seems like you are enjoying work and snowshoeing. OH I don’t remember if I told you or not but I received your letter that you wrote on boxing day. It came a couple weeks ago. it was awesome to get and to read. keep those letters coming 🙂 

I am enjoying my new area and new companion! I have adjusted to the new environment. I am starting to come out of my shell a bit more. I gain confidence in lessons almost every lesson (haha there are times when i go backwards.. but all in all it is constant progress) Last night actually I was surprised at the way I could explain about the Sabbath Day. And luckily we had two lessons where we talked about it so the second time was even better than the first 🙂 The Bishop here is Bishop Palayar. He loves to joke! haha every saturday night we have the Missionary Correlation Meeting and afterwards he had a “get to know me” interview. He likes the scriptures and likes to ask questions! He asked what my favourite food here was so far and I told him Siopao. He then informed me that the meat is actually cat meat. sometimes it is even rat. Our district leader Elder Nebeker had told me that but I didn’t really believe him… and now I do. haha I don’t know if I will be eating siopoa again. We will see. it really is sooooo good. but cat/rat meat? thats disgusting! 

I also got my scripture case that you bought for me for christmas 🙂 it is leather and has the mission logo on one side with my name and dates of service and a map of the philippines on the other side. Thanks for treating me! I am sending mail your way this week! so get ready. letters only. I have a letter for the meldrums. Could you get their address and then email it to me? I didn’t realize they were leaving SO SOON! wow 18 months really isn’t that long is it? I am sure they are excited to go home 🙂 and the book is a very nice idea. hopefully you only put in good pictures of me 🙂 

Well I love you guys 🙂 keep sending me emails 🙂 It is the only thing I like about email time haha. 

Sending all my love from the PHILIPPINES,
Sister Campbell

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