All is New Again…‏

Hello Family 🙂 

I don’t have very much time to write this week. My new district and I all went to a waterfall this morning and had a picnic. travelling in the Philippines always takes a very long time.. haha anyways this email will be a quick one. 

Thanks for the poem dad 🙂 and for emailing Bishop De Guzman. He will love to hear from you. 

OKKK so my new area is CALABANGA! it is near Naga. I can see the volcano Isarog from my area. thats actually where the waterfalls were. It is so beautiful here! Daet is a city and this is definitely not a city. I like the differences. My new companion is Sister Ganzagan. She is 20 and from the Philippines. It is just us in our apartment which is one room. It is bright and clean and I actually really like it. just very small 🙂 Things are going well. There seems to be a lot of Less active work in this area. It was stake conference this week so I havent even met my new bishop or ward yet. Stake conference was really awesome though. There were so many people there that we couldn’t all fit in the chapel and gym. ALL the class rooms had a tv screen and they video recorded it for everyone! haha can you believe it?? it was so cool. although I didnt hear the messages very clearly because of all the noise from so many people. but what I did hear was awesome! And president Reeder says that 18 months ago the Naga mission had 78 missionaries and as of right now there are 62 missionaries in the Naga stake!! and don’t forget that the mission was just split. Naga and Legaspi was once called the Naga mission but now theres two! Meaning that there was a crazy amount of missionaries here! I had no idea! 

I am loving my mission. Always will. I have so much to learn it seems! which in some ways is very exciting. In other ways it is a little intimidating. But I had no idea how much I had grown as a missionary until I was transferred! When one of the elements changes in your life you get to see how you are without it. For me EVERYTHING was new. And I really see how much I know. In regards to the language and in the other aspects of missionary life as well. 

How is Canada doing in the Olympics? Hockey! please let me know the standing on that front when it happens 🙂 Is Luongo our goalie? 

I will send pictures next week. YOU STILL NEED TO SEND ME PICTURES 🙂 

Ok I love you! Talk to you next week 🙂

Sister Campbell