Fried Chicken and Baptisms!

Sorry for not writing last week! Now I have twice as much to catch you up on. The most exciting news is that our investigators MM and Vince were baptized last Saturday! There were SEVEN baptisms in total 🙂 Elder Savage and Elder Packard have been teaching a family and three of the daughters were baptized! And another one of their investigators and a child of record. So there were 7! It was so exciting to be a part of this miraculous day! On Sunday all seven were confirmed as well. I have never been to a sacrament meeting where the “business” portion lasted as long! 🙂 

So I am all healed up and no longer sick! Which is good because the work here in our area is picking up! We are teaching lots! and we have found some new investigators 🙂 Daet is the promised land. It is so exciting to be here! That being said, transfers happened and I am leaving Daet tomorrow morning… I was a little disappointed to receive the news. Especially since things are going so well for Sister Sands and I. But I am also very excited to see where I will go and who I will be serving with. Sister Sands is training again! She is really excited for that. 
Sister Ebona taught us how to fry chicken this week. She told us “Fried chicken is easy to make. You take a chicken and you fry it!” Sounds simple. 
I love the Daet 2nd ward. I will remember their love and smiles forever. 
I am hoping everything is going well for you wherever you are and with whatever you are doing! I love all of you! 
Until next week,

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