All is New Again…‏

Hello Family 🙂 

I don’t have very much time to write this week. My new district and I all went to a waterfall this morning and had a picnic. travelling in the Philippines always takes a very long time.. haha anyways this email will be a quick one. 

Thanks for the poem dad 🙂 and for emailing Bishop De Guzman. He will love to hear from you. 

OKKK so my new area is CALABANGA! it is near Naga. I can see the volcano Isarog from my area. thats actually where the waterfalls were. It is so beautiful here! Daet is a city and this is definitely not a city. I like the differences. My new companion is Sister Ganzagan. She is 20 and from the Philippines. It is just us in our apartment which is one room. It is bright and clean and I actually really like it. just very small 🙂 Things are going well. There seems to be a lot of Less active work in this area. It was stake conference this week so I havent even met my new bishop or ward yet. Stake conference was really awesome though. There were so many people there that we couldn’t all fit in the chapel and gym. ALL the class rooms had a tv screen and they video recorded it for everyone! haha can you believe it?? it was so cool. although I didnt hear the messages very clearly because of all the noise from so many people. but what I did hear was awesome! And president Reeder says that 18 months ago the Naga mission had 78 missionaries and as of right now there are 62 missionaries in the Naga stake!! and don’t forget that the mission was just split. Naga and Legaspi was once called the Naga mission but now theres two! Meaning that there was a crazy amount of missionaries here! I had no idea! 

I am loving my mission. Always will. I have so much to learn it seems! which in some ways is very exciting. In other ways it is a little intimidating. But I had no idea how much I had grown as a missionary until I was transferred! When one of the elements changes in your life you get to see how you are without it. For me EVERYTHING was new. And I really see how much I know. In regards to the language and in the other aspects of missionary life as well. 

How is Canada doing in the Olympics? Hockey! please let me know the standing on that front when it happens 🙂 Is Luongo our goalie? 

I will send pictures next week. YOU STILL NEED TO SEND ME PICTURES 🙂 

Ok I love you! Talk to you next week 🙂

Sister Campbell


Fried Chicken and Baptisms!

Sorry for not writing last week! Now I have twice as much to catch you up on. The most exciting news is that our investigators MM and Vince were baptized last Saturday! There were SEVEN baptisms in total 🙂 Elder Savage and Elder Packard have been teaching a family and three of the daughters were baptized! And another one of their investigators and a child of record. So there were 7! It was so exciting to be a part of this miraculous day! On Sunday all seven were confirmed as well. I have never been to a sacrament meeting where the “business” portion lasted as long! 🙂 

So I am all healed up and no longer sick! Which is good because the work here in our area is picking up! We are teaching lots! and we have found some new investigators 🙂 Daet is the promised land. It is so exciting to be here! That being said, transfers happened and I am leaving Daet tomorrow morning… I was a little disappointed to receive the news. Especially since things are going so well for Sister Sands and I. But I am also very excited to see where I will go and who I will be serving with. Sister Sands is training again! She is really excited for that. 
Sister Ebona taught us how to fry chicken this week. She told us “Fried chicken is easy to make. You take a chicken and you fry it!” Sounds simple. 
I love the Daet 2nd ward. I will remember their love and smiles forever. 
I am hoping everything is going well for you wherever you are and with whatever you are doing! I love all of you! 
Until next week,

Exchanges, and a COLD!…

This week has been an interesting one. Early on in the week during our morning runs it started pouring rain. As a result I have caught myself a cold. Of all things that I could be sick with, a cold was not at the top of my list. It hasn’t slowed down our work completely but it isn’t helping things either.  
On Friday we had exchanges again with the Sister Training Leaders. Sister Pal and I worked in our area while Sister Sands and Sister Adkins worked in their area. I enjoyed seeing how Sister Pal teaches and talks with people. She is from the Philippines so striking up conversations with others that we meet seems to come more naturally to her than it does to me. This man that we were talking to was from the same part of the Philippines as her. And unknown to me they started speaking in their own dialect. I was trying so hard to follow the conversation but I honestly didn’t understand anything. And I was thinking “I really need to study Tagalog a lot more…” And then Sister Pal turned to me and asked if I knew what they were talking about. I kind of sheepishly told them that I couldn’t understand of follow the conversation. They both started laughing and told me they weren’t even speaking Tagalog. I was actually quite relieved 🙂 It is a good thing to know when people are NOT speaking Tagalog, right?? I am counting it as a good thing. 
We had two investigator families come to church with us on Sunday! Sundays are my favourite days. I get to see how much I understand and I get to listen to lessons without teaching! It is a nice slight break from the routine that missionaries follow. 
I am still in the process of writing response letters! Time is hard to find. Keri I need your new address too by the way 🙂 You can email me your address! 
Everything here continues to go forward. I continue to be amazed at how much I am learning. I love my experiences. Miracles happen everyday and that is a witness to me that God is involved in the lives of His children 🙂
Have a fabulous week! 
Sister Campbell

Mail and Zone Conference!

This week we had a Zone Conference so we all got to be instructed by President Reeder and his wife. I love the Reeders! Your mission president and his wife are kind of like your parents. They just care about all their missionaries so much and it is evident in the way they speak to us. Sister Reeder takes care of all the health issues. She has slide shows to help us remember how to prevent getting sick here. It is winter here (…haha it isn’t cold. but it is winter) so there are a lot more colds and coughs than in the summer. I still haven’t gotten sick! so I am happy. Sister Sands and I eat well too. Lots of fruits and vegetables and rice. President Reeder is in charge of EVERYTHING else that doesn’t fall under the category of health. So He also deals with a lot. He always uses the scriptures when he teaches and I always enjoy hearing him speak. 
Zone Conference also means MAIL! Thank you to all who wrote me! Stacey thank you for the tea! That was so thoughtful of you 🙂 And Rhiannon and Hanna and Keri! I can’t tell you how happy I was to read your letters! It was like Christmas all over again! Keep those letters coming 🙂 Nothing is better than getting mail. Seriously. 
The work continues to progress here too. Our teaching pool is getting bigger and we are focusing on finding families and trying to teach families. We are finding success in this effort as well 🙂 The Clutario family continues to come to church with us and are getting better prepared for their baptism 🙂 I am so excited for them! 
The Daet 2nd ward is the best ward in the world. They are missionary oriented and love to talk missionary work. We have families and couples willing to come to teaching appointments and fellowship our investigators. I never want to leave this place! I am not looking forward to the day I get transferred. 
Have a good week everyone! Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Campbell