Adventures and Miracles

This week was full of adventures and miracles. I was able to go to my very first service project of the mission. Our district, Elders Savage and Packard and Sisters Sands, Mariano, and Paguigan and myself, took a Jeepney (first jeepney ride I have ever experienced aswell!) out to the Elder’s area to do some “weeding”. We were given machetes to do this. You just squat down and hack all the weeds away. It was really fun! Sister Sands and I both got blisters on our hands though. I think it was worth it. The neighbour had a monkey so we went over to see it! I saw a monkey! It wasn’t a very friendly one though. 


Earlier this week Sister Sands and I were able to touch base with some less active families and are now teaching a part member family! Last Saturday was a “Half-Day Mission”. It is where all the ward members come with the missionaries and visit families from the ward. We focus on the Less Active families and invite them to church and share a short message with them. This week was VERY successful! We found that part member family and are now teaching them and one of the families that we visit every week came to church yesterday. The WHOLE family! And the Elders had an entire family come too who hasn’t been to church in over 5 years. Miracles are happening! The Daet Ward is such a blessing! we have so much support from the member here. Missionaries need members! It is such a strength to have their support and love. Members, WORK WITH THE MISSIONARIES! We really couldn’t do our work without you.


Our family with the Baptismal date continues to progress 🙂 Each week they get stronger. And we have another investigator who completely quit drinking coffee after we taught the word of wisdom! She texted us the next morning and said how grateful she was for learning about how she can improve her life. She is eager to learn more 🙂 


Things are good here in the mission 🙂 I pray for everyone back home 🙂 I love you all!


Sister Campbell












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