Maligayang Bagong Taon! ; Happy New Year to you‏


The new year has begun! And as a write this I am starting my second week in my second transfer out in the mission field! Have I already mentioned how fast time seems to go by? 
The highlights of the week: We found another family to teach! On New Year’s Day we were asking around the neighbourhood for a woman named Melanie. We were directed to the completely wrong house but the family quickly let us in 🙂 The mother’s name is also Melanie and she keeps saying how grateful she is for the two of us. I am excited to teach her and her family.
More exciting news! One of the families we are teaching now have a baptismal date! It is a father and two children. They have been coming to church with us the last couple weeks and are all very excited about being baptized!
So despite the busy holiday season, we have found success and opportunities to continue teaching. The not only celebrate Christmas and New Year’s here, but also Three Kings Day. Which is January 5th. There is a big parade and the Three Kings throw money and candy to children. I am ready for this week ahead. I think it will be less busy and chaotic for everyone. All the kids will be back in school 🙂
One thing I keep forgetting to write about: Whenever someone here speaks in English they say “Nose Bleed”. It is like the biggest joke here. Everyone laughs at it. Haha and I don’t get it… how can speaking English give anyone a nosebleed? But everyone says it. 
AND I have learned that the word “kwan” means whatever you want it to mean. In any conversation, if you forget the word or meaning of something – just say “kwan” in its stead. You really have to know what they are talking about to fill in the blanks. Somwthing I am still learning how to do. Kwan can be a person, a verb, an object. Seriously, just whatever you forget the word for. Haha Mom, everytime I hear “kwan” now I think of you saying “thing” when you forget the word. ;It is kind of like that!
Anyways! I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays! And I hope that the year 2014 treats everyone well! 
Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Campbell
A family we are teaching

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