We wish you a Merry-Kano

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope the holidays are treating everyone well 🙂 My Christmas was wonderful and I am still amazed at how easy it was to spend so far away from home. It was awesome to see my family’s faces 🙂 That was the highlight. And Sister Sands and I ate ONLY vegetables for Christmas dinner. Mashed potatoes with corn, carrots, and beans. We bought real butter too 🙂 It was delicious but I could have went for some mom’s turkey 🙂

The work here is still progressing 🙂 I was able to attend my very first Baptism as a missionary! The Elders have been teaching a young mother and she was baptized on Thursday. The next baptism I attend will be for someone that I have been teaching 🙂 That’s the goal. We are teaching a couple families that are quite serious and sincere. Great things are happening and I am excited! 
On the 26th many of our appointments fell through. People were either not at home or they were going out. So we had a lot of extra time at the end of the night where we knew we needed to do some more “FINDING”. This is generally the only thing people think missionaries do – knock on doors. It started to get dark and the clouds were thick and dark and threatened to rain. We walked towards a compound. The first house there did not welcome us. The attitude was hostile and pretty rude. As we were walking away I thought, “ok lets just leave this place” But Sister Sands wanted to go around to the next house (which seemed impossible to get to. And there were dogs barking at from every side). I followed her and we eventually found the gate. A woman came out to talk to us. Again I could tell she didn’t want us there. But at this time it was raining and I think she felt bad for us. She let us in. And the whole time we were there she said over and over again “I don’t know why I let you in. I never let people in” As the discussion went on she continued to warm up to us and introduced us to her granddaughter and her daughter. We left with her the invitation to pray and ask God why she felt prompted to let us in and talk to us. We told her we knew it was not a coincidence that we were at her home talking to her. That whole night of walking in the dark and in the rain was worth it because of the fact we found her! Sometimes you just don’t know why you are doing something, but things seem to turn out 🙂
Have a good week! I appreciate all your love and support! Talk to you next year 🙂
Sister Campbell

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