There are no vegetables at Christmas!

Another crazy and exciting week 🙂 This Sunday was the re-broadcast of the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional and Sister Sands and I spent all week inviting EVERYONE we met to it. We went down small streets and main roads and handed out our flyers and explained what they could expect at the Devotional, which was hearing a living prophet and hearing inspirational Christmas music. We were out in the rain and the sun everyday trying to get people to come to the Christmas Devotional. Many people attended and it was wonderful 🙂 This week we were invited into many homes and able to teach about the Restoration. I love hearing people’s stories. Sister Sands still has to translate for me.. Sometimes we will be sitting in a lesson and I am following everything just fine, and then, the mood just shifts and I have no idea what was said or why people are crying or why something is funny. So that’s when Sister Sands explains to me what’s going on. Haha, the jokes here are funny. The Filipinos LOVE puns. And if I knew the language better I am sure I would know why their jokes are funny, but right now, I have no idea. 

In Relief Society this week we were discussing the Ward Christmas Party (which I am super excited about. Bishop has asked the missionaries to sing a song…) This old lady in the ward really wanted there to be vegetables “for the old folk”. Then someone shouted very seriously from the back “There are no vegetables at Christmas!” Everyone broke out laughing. I turned to Sister Sands. She explained. And we have made a point to not make vegetables for our Christmas Dinner except for potatoes. 
Everyday we meet someone new. Everyone talks to everyone. The ward is amazing. Still. I am looking forward to another week here 🙂 We are teaching more and more people and have some solid investigators. 
Enjoy the week ahead of you! Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Campbell

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