Many exciting things are happening over here! I love the Daet 2 Ward. They are amazing. Sister Sands and I receive so much help and encouragement from them. Yesterday we had two Young Women ask if they could come with us to our teaching appointments. They asked US! They are really enthusiastic about missionary work and it is contagious. It is helping me want to be a better missionary. 
Sister Sands and I are opening the area here, and because of that our teaching pool is really small. We have one investigator. We have been praying for opportunities to find those who want to hear the message of the gospel. And then on Saturday we went on “exchanges” with the Sister Trainer Leaders. Sister Christensen and I just talked to everyone we could. It was pouring rain and we were kind of turned around at one point and a family saw us and invited us into their home. We taught them about the Restoration and invited them to come to church on Sunday (the very next day). AND THEY CAME! We are so excited about teaching them more! The Lord is blessing us in His work. 
I am just really glad to be here. The work is hard. I am already saying that and I am only on Week 2 of the Field… Despite the difficulties though Sister Sands keeps me smiling and happy.
Things that I have noticed so far about the Philippines. All the people here talk with their face. They use their eyebrows all the time, not just when they are surprised. To point to something they use their lips. To ask “What?” they just drop their jaw. People eat with a spoon or with their fingers. Nobody likes to be out in the rain… There are little lizards on tress and in houses. They eat bugs and they are cute so I am not afraid of them. 
I wish everyone another great week! 
Love Sister Campbell

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