I have been gone for one month! Which is actually impossible because I really only left yesterday. Don’t ask me how that makes sense but it does. I flew out of Prince George yesterday and I have been here at the MTC for 4 weeks. My district gets our travel plans today.. we are all flying out on the 18th. In less than two weeks, this missionary will be in the land of the Philippines. We have heard the news about the destructive typhoon. We are all constantly praying for those there. It is amazing at the love we all feel for them. On Thursday we got the opportunity to Skype a lady in the Philippines and teach her about the Gospel! it was amazing! She was so happy and friendly and it was easy to know that we all had a love for each other. I am just so excited to go to the Philippines!
For other news I learned a new word. In class I kept hearing my name. My first name. It is a strange thing to hear your first name when nobody really knows it and definitely nobody uses it on purpose. So I was curious as to what “Keely” meant. It is spelled “kili” and it means “armpit”. Sister Moulton’s first name is Elise and there is a verb “alis” that means “to leave”. We keep hearing our names in class and it surprises me every time. Our district and the district that came at the same time as us. We are all really good friends. There are two missions that we are all going to so for some of them it will be goodbye and the more I think of that the more I realize how hard it will be to leave the MTC.
Thank you for the letters! Keep them coming 🙂 It is probably best to send them to the mission home now. it takes almost 10 days to get here and I leave in 9!
I ran into Elder Gurney yesterday! It was nice to see a familiar face!
Brother Pearce and Sister Osborn (my teachers) continue to teach exactly what I need. I am amazed at how much I am learning about myself… Seriously I thought I knew who I was, but this experience is stretching me and helping become who I actually want to be. And I love it!
Enjoy the coming week! I love you all and appreciate your love and prayers!
Love, Sister Campbell
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