Hello Hello!

Kumusta po kayo? Im hoping all is well over there 🙂 Here is my blog update:


That crazy looking word means faith. And oh boy do I need some faith! That is my go to word at the moment. The MTC is wonderful and let me assure you there has been no wasted time on anyone’s part in getting down to the work! The very first hour I was here I was guided to my dorms to put my luggage away and then guided straight to my classroom to meet my teacher and District. No English was spoken at all. Straight into language study! And shortly I learned how to introduce myself and say where I am give a basic background about myself. Honestly, it amazes me at how fast my district and I are picking up the language. We also had a wonderful meeting where all the missionaries who reported on October 9 (over 700) met the MTC presidency and their wives. The president had us all stand up by country (and then state when it got to the US). There were missionaries from all over the world representing their homelands. There were perhaps 8 Canadians, and I felt proud I was one of them.

Each day feels so long because there is so much we do. Study, study, study! Wow! and that is why I need PANANAMPALATAYA! I am learning so much more about myself already, but more importantly i am learning wonderful things about how the Gospel works in the lives of all of God’s children.

Bye for now,

Sister Campbell


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