Don’t Look Back, Only Change

This week my wonderful teacher, Sister Osborn gave me the most timely words of wisdom. It is hard to explain how I feel sometimes with learning a new language and being needed to teach in that language so early on in my mission. Throughout the week we learned better ways to improve our ways of planning lessons and learning the language. I made a comment that I had wished I had known all this earlier, because it would have helped me be a better missionary. Sister Osborn looked at me and said, “Don’t look back, only change.” Those words have become to have so much meaning. I now find it easier to look forward with the tasks ahead of me (this coming week is a busy one) with the attitude of applying what I now know rather than feeling sorry for the way I lacked the ability to before. Again, it is hard to explain but I wanted to share these words of wisdom.

Sometimes small words in English are a mile long in Tagalog. “Need” is “pangangailangan”. BUT I learned that to say “I think so, but I’m not sure” you say one word, “Yata” It makes no sense. I love the Language though! It is quite fun to speak it 🙂

Last Monday we had two districts in our zone fly to the PHILIPPINES! Sunday night we all stood in the hallway of our language building and sang the hymn “God be With you Till we Meet Again” I think that was one of my favourite moments so far. There are some amazing singers here at the MTC. And I think most of them are in our zone. Sometimes in the shower the Sisters will just start singing hymns and harmonizing. It is like a mini concert every morning. I love it! Sometimes me and some sisters sing Primary songs when we are working out. There is music all the time here!

Oh I have a joke! (Hanna you will appreciate this the most) “Who was the first prophet to go through the MTC?” MOSES!! Haha it still cracks me up. 

Anyways I am loving this experience! Thank you for those who have written me and have given me words of encouragement! I love getting mail! Tomorrow marks the halfway mark of the MTC 🙂 Time is already flying by. 

I love you all!

Sister Campbell



Yoda Poetry

Prideful Pronouns and Yoda Poetry

I have officially learned how to speak like Yoda. For all you Star Wars fans, Ewoks speak Tagalog. AND Yoda speaks Tagalog style in English. It makes me laugh every time I translate back to English… All of the missionaries in my district are speaking like Yoda now. I have also learned that Tagalog pronouns have to go before anything else in a sentence. DESPITE the rules we learned prior. Pronouns don’t follow the rules. Needless to say, the grammar and sentence structure is complicated. I am learning though.

My teaching experiences continue to amaze me. I sometimes can’t believe how much of the language I know, and then I think of all I need to learn and it intimidates me.

I am surrounded by AMERICANS! My whole zone thinks I talk funny. The favourite word so far is “dragon”. It makes me chuckle to myself at how funny everyone thinks I sound. I also gave a Canadian geography class to the Sisters in my District. They knew absolutely nothing about Canada, except for the names of two provinces, British Columbia and Alberta.

Words I have learned so far that are sure to intimidate anyone learning a new language. Pagpapakumbaba which means humility and Palikamakapangyarihan which means Almighty. Try to pronounce it. Now you know what I sound like when I am attempting. All the words in this language seem so long!

The highlight of the week was getting to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak to us at the MTC! He came for the Tuesday Night Devotional. As he entered the auditorium all 4000 of us missionaries stood to show our love and respect. I loved the sense of reverence that was present during the meeting. The MTC is such a beautiful place. Christmas lights are already going up and everyone is happy and helpful and encouraging. I still can’t believe that I am really here.

Bye for now!

Sister Campbell

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Hello Hello!

Kumusta po kayo? Im hoping all is well over there 🙂 Here is my blog update:


That crazy looking word means faith. And oh boy do I need some faith! That is my go to word at the moment. The MTC is wonderful and let me assure you there has been no wasted time on anyone’s part in getting down to the work! The very first hour I was here I was guided to my dorms to put my luggage away and then guided straight to my classroom to meet my teacher and District. No English was spoken at all. Straight into language study! And shortly I learned how to introduce myself and say where I am give a basic background about myself. Honestly, it amazes me at how fast my district and I are picking up the language. We also had a wonderful meeting where all the missionaries who reported on October 9 (over 700) met the MTC presidency and their wives. The president had us all stand up by country (and then state when it got to the US). There were missionaries from all over the world representing their homelands. There were perhaps 8 Canadians, and I felt proud I was one of them.

Each day feels so long because there is so much we do. Study, study, study! Wow! and that is why I need PANANAMPALATAYA! I am learning so much more about myself already, but more importantly i am learning wonderful things about how the Gospel works in the lives of all of God’s children.

Bye for now,

Sister Campbell


The time has finally come. Tomorrow I begin my journey as a missionary! It hasn’t exactly sunk in yet that I will be a missionary…I know that when that realization does arrive it will be joined with some tears. Tears of joy of course 🙂 I am very excited to do the work of God. It is so amazing to me that I will be teaching people something that has brought me so much joy! The truthfulness of the Gospel of Christ is for all! 

Although I will miss my family and my home and all my friends, going to the Philippines is something I know I am meant to do. 

Bye for now 🙂