This monkey is nicer than the first one I met. Momoy!


birthday party 🙂


Pamplona on exchanges with Sister Salima. I couldn’t even stand up on the stilts…


This little girl really wanted to help me do the laundry. It is hard to get annoyed with her because she is so darn cute.




First time eating sugar cane 🙂


My poor shoes 😦


Sister Gregorio and I 🙂

Long time no blog!

I dont even remember the last time I updated this… which means it has been a long time. So much has happened that it will be impossible to fill you in on everything. I have just been transferred from Milaor. I was there for a long time and have come to love everyone there, so it was tough to leave it all behind. I am now serving in Vinzons. Which means I am back in Camarines Norte and very close to my first area, Daet. And there is the beach here 🙂

We just experienced another typhoon yesterday and the day before. There isn’t too much damage in our areas as far as we can tell so we consider ourselves blessed. My new companion, Sister Gregorio, and I spent a complete two days in lock down at the Vinzons Chapel. We ate crackers and noodles and rice.
Some of the major highlights of my mission have been teaching the Francisco and Olayres families. I am more than blessed to be a part of their lives. I was able to teach and testify to them about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I was able to see how it changed them. I was able to see their willingness to start a new life and be baptized. The day of the wedding and baptism was probably the happiest. What an incredible blessing.
So although the Milaor chapter of my mission has now come to an end, I am really looking forward to seeing how things will unfold here. Sister Gregorio and I are the only missionaries in our branch. Our area is very large and our teaching pool is small. But things look so promising here and I am excited to see more miracles 🙂
As Christmas approaches, I pray that you all will remember why it is we celebrate Christmas. Make Christ the center of your celebrations and give something back to Him. As hard as it is to be away from home at this time of year I am honored to wear Christ’s name on my badge. It makes being far from family a lot easier. Christ really is there for all who seek Him.
Enjoy your week and be safe!
Love Sister Campbell

Too Long!

BLOG! It has been too long! 

Many things have happened since I updated last. I am currently serving in my fourth area and with my 7th companion. Right now I am serving in Milaor Ward with Sister Tematang from Kiribati. Things here are amazing and we have seen a lot of success!
Last transfer there was quite a big storm here in the Bicol region which affected our area and the homes and the people we serve. So the last couple weeks we have been doing service projects such as cleaning yards and collecting garbage and things like that. Many homes have been destroyed and so we have helped as much as we can with getting materials and building as well. The resiliency of the Filipino people though is amazing. I have learned a valuable lesson that LIFE GOES ON. There is no time to complain and no need to do so. Stand up and get to work seems to be how people live here. It is amazing and wonderful to see! 
Sister Tematang and I have some progressing investigators with close baptismal dates which we are very excited about! It is such a miracle to see the changes people make in their lives in order to accept God’s plan for them! The gospel truly blesses everyone. And the opportunity that I have to share it others is a blessing I will never be able to fully comprehend. The more I try to be worthy of the blessing I have already received, God blesses me with more! I can’t catch up.
I hope things continue to go well for everyone back home or wherever you are! pay attention to the way God is blessing your life! 

June 29th, 2014

June 22nd, 2014

Bye Bye Calabanga :( June 15th, 2014

Well we did some more yard sweeping this week! I guess word really travels fast that we are good at it 🙂 

This week has been pretty busy. We had Stake Conference this weekend in which Elder Quentin L. Cook presided over from Salt Lake City via satellite. It was an inspiring meeting as you would expect. Elder Michael Teh also spoke and he is from the Philippines and he shared some stories of people he knows from here and different sacrifices they made just to attend their meetings on Sunday. The importance of Temples was highlighted as well. Families are blessed as they attend the temple and keep the promises they make there. What a beautiful thing that families can be together forever. 

Transfer announcements came this Saturday, and I will be leaving my second area… Transfers are never easy yet they are exciting at the same time. I will learn where I will be going and who will be my new companion on Tuesday

Sister Saifoloi and I have had many adventures together and I definitely will miss her. Last night our water pipe broke in the washroom.. and our apartment was flooding. We had to get our landlord to turn off the water in our apartment but as fate would have it he was not answering his phone, he was not answering his door, and so we had to doeal with water gushing out into our apartment for one and a half hours before anyone came to our aid. Sister Saifoloi and I came up with a system. We used a skirt to put over the hole in the wall and we held it with one hand while with the other hand we had a bucket to scoop the water that fell and then we dumped it into the toilet. We took turns doing this while the other person tried to contact the Landlord. it was a long night! 

hopefully I have more adventures like that! it keeps things interesting 🙂

Wishing you all a good week.  Take care!


Magaling ako ng pagwawalis

We had two community service projects this week. And both of them involved me sweeping. Needless to say my skills with a broom have increased dramatically. On Tuesday we went to a Jocelyn’s home and family compound to sweep up all the leaves in the yard. The compound is on the top of a hill. The wind is always cool and refreshing, and the shade of all the fruit trees in the yard makes it such a beautiful place to be. We met more of Jocelyn’s family and they fed as lunch afterwards and gave us a huge bag full of mangoes. Serving others is always worth it. 
One of the less active families we visit has been renovating their home. On Saturday the Elders joined us in helping with some of the work. Sister Saifoloi and I were charged with the responsibility of sweeping. Their little nephew, John Carlo supervised our work. The new home is going to be so nice. They were installing tiles in the upstairs, and also installing windows. The balcony overlooks some rice fields and of course the wind from the fields is always very inviting. We were also fed lunch there and invited back for a Birthday party next Tuesday

Our work is going really well 🙂 We found a new investigator, Emily. She is 52 and has 7 children and 12 grandchildren! They all got married very young in her family. She is such a sweetheart! She showed us family photo albums on our first visit (normally it takes longer for people to show us pictures). She is very proud of her children and they way she cared for her books and those pictures I can tell how much she loves her family. She is open and receptive and I can’t wait to see what will happen as she embraces the Gospel 🙂

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday. Two Young Women aged girls. They were so cute and excited to be baptized. Baptisms are always fun to go to and experience. Every time I attend one I think of my own baptism! What I remember the most is that we sang my favourite primary song Nephi’s Courage. Nephi is still my favourite Book of Mormon prophet. 

Keep all the letters and love coming my way 🙂
Love you all!


June 1st, 2014

Another full week! We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, we had the Mission Tour with the Area President, and we had a massive spider in our apartment which we had to dispose of. 

Exchanges are awesome and always give me an opportunity to really see the progress that I have made. I worked with Sister Tumagoy in her area, Canaman. It is kind of fun working in the other area because all the faces are new and nobody knows or has expectations of MY new face. It is kind of like a clean slate where you can be super magaling and confident. I was trying to work it all to my advantage 🙂 Sister Tumagoy gave me some good advice too and helped me realize yet again that all I have to do is my best! Which I am also realizing that my best now has improved drastically from my best 8 months ago. But if I ever stop doing my best then I won’t continue to improve in any aspect of missionary work.

The Mission Tour was a day full of inspiration. It started early with a jeepney ride to Canaman and then we enjoyed 6 hours of guidance and counsel from our Area President, President Nielson. Him and his wife have such a love for their calling! They told us that they only have 30 days left in the Philippines before they complete their 3 year assignment here! and previous to that they were in New Zealand for 2 years. Masipag sila! They both spoke to us and I have learned so many things! There is something special about being in a chapel packed full of missionaries all wanting to learn. Sister Nielson gave a talk where she repeated the words “Not everybody needs to be a Nielson!” She spoke of how all her in-law children are all different from the “Nielson Family” and because of that the family has benefited tremendously. She likened it to missionaries and our companions. There is a difference between tolerating someone and embracing who they are. Learning to deal with many personalities and interacting on such close term ALL the time can be a difficult thing. But don’t try to change who they are. And the message I really took from that is that it is ok to be myself! I have just as much to add to the companionship as the Sister I serve with. President Nielson had so many things to share! We talked a lot about the Atonement and how we as missionaries can use it in our lives. There are two parts of the Atonement – the Redeeming Power and the Enabling Power. It is the Enabling Power that makes it possible to become better than we were yesterday. The Atonement is for us to become who God wants us to be. 

It would be impossible to explain everything I learned during the Tour! I am kind of sad that the Nielsons are going back to the States so soon!

Have another good week everyone 🙂


Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated last. Many things have happened I don’t even know where to start. Me and my new companion, Sister Saifoloi get along great and are seeing miracles in our area! We have been able to contact some less active families and find new investigators. That is the best feeling when you get to teach a whole family together. 

The Elders in our ward had a baptism and our Mission President, President Reeder and his wife came to Calabanga to attend. It was really awesome to see them and talk with them, the two young girls being baptized were very excited. We couldn’t find baptismal clothing that fit the children, so they looked even smaller in the big white suits that were all rolled up and tied tight. Both of them were adorable. The day was memorable for them. After they were changed and the service was over they were asked to share their testimonies of the gospel with those who had attended their baptism. It is a powerful thing to listen to children share what they know is true. Both were very grateful for the Elders who baptized them and like many Filipinos, they had a hard time finishing their remarks. One thing that I have come to recognize, love, and appreciate is the fact that the people of the Philippines LOVE TO TALK! Story time is anytime 🙂 

Have a good week eveyone! And I promise I will be better at updating you on whats happening on my end! 

Bye for now,